Responding to the Great Resignation: Get the Most Out of Your EAP

Employee Assistance Programs are on the frontline of mental health.

When the pandemic began, EAP usage jumped to the 20 to 30 percent range as employees encountered an array of personal and work-related issues.

As we work our way through the pandemic and think ahead to a ‘new normal,’ employers should consider what initiatives can be put in place to support a workforce that is more isolated than ever. This webinar — provided by Pelago — explains why it’s the perfect time for employers to connect their EAPs with targeted, specialty care solutions that provide long-term solutions:

  • They support stressed and flighty employees who are re-evaluating careers and leaving the workforce in droves
  • They enhance your benefits package, which 77 percent of workers consider as a crucial part of their compensation
  • They send a signal to your employees that you care and recognize the stress they’re feeling


Yusuf Sherwani
Yusuf SherwaniCEO and Co-Founder


Vinny Catalano
Vinny CatalanoLockton SVP, Employee Benefits


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