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Pelago’s virtual clinic offers personalized substance use care for members wanting to cut back, stop or otherwise manage their tobacco, alcohol, opioid and cannabis use.

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Substance Use Management

A sea of support

Substance use management is a personalized approach to managing substance use based on individual health, habits, genetics, and goals. Cost-effective, accessible, and without all the stigma, our approach goes far beyond traditional treatment programs to give people everything they need to move forward.


Pelago members see a 62% reduction in alcohol use within the first 30 days of care.


44% of members quit tobacco use in just 12 months.


67% of Pelago members are opioid abstinent for a full 90 days.


40% of all adult SUDs stem from cannabis use, and 60% of all adolescent SUDs.

Happy employees, thriving organization

The impact of substance use on employer healthcare costs is real. Let us help you deliver life-changing outcomes that are kind to your people, as well as your bottom line.


or less of those suffering from a substance use disorder ever receive treatment


is spent in annual healthcare expenditure per affected employee


per participant healthcare cost saving in the first year

One program, all the help members need

Pelago’s virtual clinic empowers members via a range of personalized, evidence-based solutions.

Physician-led care team


Unlimited access to an expert team of physicians, nurses, coaches, and counselors.

Complex condition management

Help for members with co-occurring mental illness, and other chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

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Centers of Excellence

Members have access to high-quality, clinically vetted inpatient treatment facilities, including RCA and Banyan. We coordinate their care and transition them back to Pelago after discharge.

Personalized tech and support

Pelago app CBT

Round-the-clock virtual support such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), tracking, and other helpful content.

Remote monitoring

At-home devices used to monitor program outcomes and motivate members — breathalyzers, urinary test kits, and more.


Pelago app medication management

A members’ hub for medication-assisted treatment (MAT), offering confidential prescriptions and a straightforward integration with pharmacy partners.

Propelling people forward with substance use care that works.

Propelling people forward

I'm so grateful to the program, my coach, and my employer for this support.


Pelago Member


This has been my easiest quit ever. Pelago was the only one that really stuck because of the mindfulness.


Pelago Member

Rice University

Pelago put me back in control of my life. I went from ~78 weekly drinks to 0.


Pelago Member


Pelago has impacted my life in a way I can’t believe. I am 192 days alcohol-free.


Pelago Member

The Pelago program offers a flexible alternative to alcohol use that is the perfect fit for my needs.


Pelago Member


The messages from my Pelago Coach before going out were so important. My health is so much better.


Pelago Member


90 days today. I’m the healthiest I’ve been for a long while thanks to Pelago!


Pelago Member


Through the Pelago program, I was able to reclaim my life as a non-smoker.


Pelago Member


91 days, 15 hours, and 36 minutes smoke-free. I’ve saved $182 [after] quitting.


Pelago Member


Real research, life-changing outcomes

Clinical research is at the heart of everything we do. We’ve worked hard to understand the best treatment plans, delivering industry-leading outcomes for your people.

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