We're breaking down barriers to substance use care that works

Our vision is for a world where everyone has access to substance use support — no matter what. We’re doing that by breaking down barriers to that care. Care that actually works. That’s our mission. What we’re motivated to do. Where we’re headed.

But none of that would be possible without the folks we work with. We’re working hand-in-hand with employers and health plans across the US to make that care readily accessible. So people can navigate towards brighter days and be their best selves, at home and at work.

A different approach

These are stressful times. And we all have our ways of coping. Too often, though, relief comes in the form of unhealthy habits and behaviors. Substance misuse in this country is on the rise, with almost 60 million teens and adults reporting habitual or excessive use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco and nicotine products each year.

Many folks likely don’t recognize they have a problem — not least because substance misuse is a spectrum, from smoking through unhealthy drinking to clinical substance use disorders. Even those who do realize that it’s time to modify their behavior often cannot get the help they need. Stigma plays a part, but accessibility is a more pressing factor.

Thus was born the idea for Pelago, a virtual clinic that partners with employers to provide individual and discreet treatment at scale. Founded by three physicians with deep knowledge of the causes and consequences of dependence (as well as best practices for treatment), Pelago puts substance use management at the fingertips of those who need it most.


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The folks propelling us forward

Yusuf Sherwani, MD
CEO & Co-founder
Maroof Ahmed, MD
COO & Co-founder
Sarim Siddiqui, MD
Co-Founder and President
Michael Reiff
Michael Reiff
Chief Product Officer
Ed Daley
Chief Commercial Officer
Paige Swanepoel
Paige Swanepoel
Chief Marketing Officer

What drives us

Propelling people forward with substance use care that works.

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