Substance use management that works

Show your clients there’s a better way. Pelago is a virtual clinic that empowers companies and their employees across the US to achieve the highest quality outcomes — overcome the challenges of traditional SUD treatments while decreasing healthcare costs.

Care for members wherever they are on the substance use spectrum

Substance use management is an effective approach to supporting folks looking to overcome substance disorders. Whether that’s an unhealthy habit or active disorder, we’ve created a system of resources and a process for managing substance use based on individual health, habits, genetics, and goals.

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Based on decades of scientific research
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Supported by ongoing clinical studies
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Validated in randomized controlled trial
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Verified in 13 peer-reviewed studies

Unmasking America’s Substance Use Challenge

How we help employers

Beyond helping your clients ensure the health of their populations, our clinic is purpose-built to decrease healthcare costs – both direct and indirect.

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Our virtual clinic drastically reduces healthcare costs resulting from claims, minimizes the number of absent staff, and improves workforce productivity.

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Because our program is entirely virtual, it can be used by employees 24/7, 365 days a year.


Based on leading substance use treatment standards, our program offers industry-leading success rates and member experience improvements.

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Unlike traditional SUD treatments, we deliver a personalized solution based on individual health, habits, genetics, and goals.

How we help members

Pelago’s virtual clinic empowers members via a range of personalized, evidence-based solutions.

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Compassionate care team

Unlimited access to a team of physicians, nurses, coaches, counselors, plus social-support tools.

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Personalized tech and support

Round-the-clock virtual support such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), tracking, and other helpful content.

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Remote monitoring

Devices to monitor program outcomes and motivate members — breathalyzers, urinary test kits, and more.

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A members’ hub for medication-assisted treatment (MAT), offering confidential prescriptions and a straightforward integration with pharmacy partners.

Show your clients a better way

Speak to a solutions expert to learn more about Pelago and how we can help your clients.