An introduction to substance use management

Substance use management is an effective approach to supporting folks looking to improve their substance use and their health. 

So, what is it?

Substance use management is a personalized approach to understanding the impacts of substance use on one’s body and managing one’s substance use to a healthy state. Substance use management can range from managing unhealthy substance consumption habits to medication-assisted treatment of active substance use disorders. It is a system of resources and a process for managing substance use based on individual health, habits, genetics, and goals.

Why it’s important

It’s our belief that managing substance use should be a top priority. Not just for those affected and their families, but also for the nation’s employers who bear the costs. We think businesses offer one of the best channels to solve this problem at scale. Which is why we’re building Pelago: a virtual clinic for substance use management that puts people and their health first.

Pathways to a brighter future

Our virtual clinic for substance use management is based on three care pathways, designed to propel members forward on their journey.


For members who recognize patterns around substance use they want to change. Whether preventatively or for better health outcomes in general.


For members with consistent substance use habits that are looking for proactive support from counselors.


For members who need help managing a substance use disorder and require the ongoing support of a physician or nurse practitioner who can prescribe medication.

The benefits of our approach

Greater access

Because our program is virtual, it’s accessible whenever (and wherever) a person needs help.

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Lower costs

Our treatment program costs a fraction of what traditional treatment approaches cost. It’s a fact.

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Better outcomes

As usage is not time-limited, Pelago has a far higher success rate than traditional approaches.

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Personalized care

Not everyone faces the same challenges. That’s why our program is tailored to each and every individual.


Substance Misuse and Mental Illness in Young Adults

Substance misuse and mental illness in young adults
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