Substance use management at your fingertips

Seamlessly integrate Pelago’s virtual clinic for substance use management into your ecosystem, and help your members live happier, healthier lives.

Expert clinical care, right this way

Gain access to a national team of physicians, nurses, coaches, and counselors. Our licensed providers deliver tailored care to meet the needs of each member — no matter what.

Clinical assessment


We diagnose and determine the support each member needs and develop a unique care plan to fit their needs and lifestyle.

Virtual care

Improve accessibility and convenience with a telehealth solution for employees struggling with substance use disorders.

Physician-led MAT & Pelago Rx

Medication assisted treatment

Empower members with our comprehensive, provider-led medication assisted treatment (MAT). Members avoid pharmacy hassles with discreet prescription delivery that easily integrates with your PBM.

National care network

Offer your employees support when they need it most – we’ve ensured medication assisted treatment (MAT) is accessible to over 80% of the U.S.

Centers of Excellence

Our members have access to high-quality, clinically vetted inpatient treatment facilities. We coordinate their care in partnership with RCA and Banyan, and transition them back to Pelago after discharge.

Complex condition management


Our team works within a collaborative care model to partner with other providers for members with conditions like mental illness, diabetes, anxiety, and more.

Care coordination

Care coordination

We navigate members through our program and go beyond SUM care when members need additional resources or specialty providers to support their journey.

“Our transformative program leads to earlier interventions that eliminate the costly health problems that typically cascade from ongoing substance dependence.”

Suzette Glasner, Ph.D.

VP of Clinical Affairs

Dr. Suzette Glasner

The most personalized digital experience found anywhere

Help your people navigate towards brighter days with a fully virtual program that meets members where they are — available 24/7, 365 days a year. With Pelago, help is only a tap away.

Digital CBT

Our members learn to identify and avoid triggers that lead to substance abuse.

Manage cravings

Craving tools

We provide members with the means to manage cravings effectively and attain their goals.

Health journey tracking

Members can monitor progress and witness their accomplishments in real-time.

Health milestones

Milestone insights

We provide insights – so members can deep dive into their results – and continue to propel themselves forward.

Real research, life-changing outcomes

Not all substance challenges are the same. Each requires a different approach. Our programs are personally tailored to each member.


program completion rate


more likely to quit


more likely to remain abstinent at 12 months

Give your people the tools to reach health goals with remote monitoring

Provide your employees with the option of at-home devices to drive program outcomes and motivate members. Our treatment integrates breathalyzers, urinary test kits, and more.

Propelling people forward

I'm so grateful to the program, my coach, and my employer for this support.


Pelago Member


I always wanted to quit, but I never had the support that I needed. With Pelago I had everything I needed.


Pelago Member

Dorset CCG

This has been my easiest quit ever. Pelago was the only one that really stuck because of the mindfulness.


Pelago Member

Rice University

Pelago put me back in control of my life. I went from ~78 weekly drinks to 0.


Pelago Member


Pelago has impacted my life in a way I can’t believe. I am 192 days alcohol-free.


Pelago Member

There's been no judgment, just support the whole way through.


Pelago Member


The Pelago program offers a flexible alternative to alcohol use that is the perfect fit for my needs.


Pelago Member


I always wanted to quit, but I never had the support that I needed. With Pelago I had everything I needed.


Pelago Member

Dorset CCG

The messages from my Pelago Coach before going out were so important. My health is so much better.


Pelago Member


90 days today. I’m the healthiest I’ve been for a long while thanks to Pelago!


Pelago Member


Through the Pelago program, I was able to reclaim my life as a non-smoker.


Pelago Member


91 days, 15 hours, and 36 minutes smoke-free. I’ve saved $182 [after] quitting.


Pelago Member


Whole-person care that actually works

We address each employee’s entire health journey, from start to finish.

Seamless care

Pelago integrates within your ecosystem to provide end-to-end holistic care.

Care network

If a member is in need of additional expert support, we’ll refer them to our provider network.

Co-occurring treatment

Our Care Team manages complex conditions for members with mental illness, diabetes, or heart disease.

One program, all the help members need

Pelago’s virtual clinic empowers members via a range of personalized, evidence-based solutions.