Substance use management, for when adolescents need it most

Our program offers a comprehensive support system for adolescents and their families, empowering teens to enhance their health and well-being.

Why does it matter?

The impact of substance use on adolescents:


of adolescents that show severe SUD symptoms carry those into adulthood


of adolescents with an SUD experience major depressive episodes

The impact of substance use on parents & guardians:


of parents miss work at least 1x/month due to their child’s mental health


of parents focus on their child’s mental health and well-being while at work


more likely to have work negatively affected if their child is struggling with mental health

Treatment designed for adolescents

Science-based care

We use screening tools and assessments tailored to individuals under 21 to get a 360º picture of their unique circumstances, enabling us to tailor treatment strategies.

Strict clinical guidelines

Our providers adhere to stringent clinical guidelines and collaborate with PCPs to secure medical clearance to foster a seamless continuum of care.

Tailored consent protocol

We require treatment consent from both minors and guardians, ensuring confidentiality and offering diverse engagement opportunities for participating families in care.

Family support

Our substance use management program offers a wave of support for adolescents and their whole family.

The entire family is considered when a child is on their journey. We have special documentation for parents to guide and help them throughout. And adolescents are able to set limitations for how involved their parents or guardians are, which can evolve throughout their care.

The benefits of our approach

Greater access

Because our program is virtual, it’s accessible whenever (and wherever) a person needs help.

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Lower costs

Our treatment program costs a fraction of what traditional treatment approaches cost. It’s a fact.

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Better outcomes

As usage is not time-limited, Pelago has a far higher success rate than traditional approaches.

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Personalized care

Not everyone faces the same challenges. That’s why our program is tailored to each and every individual.


Substance Misuse and Mental Illness in Young Adults

Substance misuse and mental illness in young adults
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