The nation’s best virtual tobacco cessation program

Purpose-built for smoking, smokeless tobacco, and vaping, Pelago’s virtual clinic empowers your people to overcome their tobacco use — saving your business thousands of dollars per member, each year.

Based on decades of scientific research
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Supported by ongoing clinical studies
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Validated in randomized controlled trial
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Verified in 13 peer-reviewed studies

The ripple effect of tobacco is real. We’ll help you stem the tide.

The cost to your organization is more than you might realize. But with a dedicated virtual clinic, you can positively impact employees’ lives and business success.


yearly cost per affected individual in medical spend


of users want to quit using tobacco

One dedicated program, positively changing lives

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Based on research

Not all substances are the same. And each requires a different approach. Our tobacco program is personally tailored to each member.

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For the member

Give your employees an opportunity to get better, faster with a program tailored to individual habits and behaviors.

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Without the stigma

Make employer-supported, confidential treatment readily available and reduce stigma in the process. Happy days.

After just four weeks on our tobacco program, 52% of members quit smoking altogether

"I have not felt the temptation to vape since starting the program"

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How our tobacco care plan works

Helpful CBT content

A cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) journey that delivers bitesize audio sessions and interactive exercises to help members learn new techniques to deal with craving triggers.

Dedicated care team

Access to qualified coaches to help members every step of the way, guiding them on their recovery journey.

Personalized tracking

Tools to help members track their personal triggers, cigarettes smoked, dollars saved and health progress.

Pelago tobacco medication screen

Nicotine replacement therapy

Access to gums and patches to manage and lessen cravings (if your employees need them).

Any necessary devices

Connected devices to monitor carbon monoxide levels and help members track progress.

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