Virtual treatment for cannabis use disorder

Help your employees transform their lives by reducing the harm caused by cannabis use disorder (CUD).

Cannabis use is at an inflection point in the US

Amidst readily available mainstream access and misconception, cannabis has emerged as the leading drug disorder. Providing your employees with CUD education and specialized treatment is needed to reduce the harm.


of all adult illicit drug use is attributed to cannabis, 70% of adolescent use


faster increase in cannabis use disorder vs. other substance use disorders (SUDs)


of all adult SUDs stem from cannabis use, 60% of all adolescent SUDs


yearly cost per affected individual in medical spend

One dedicated treatment program,
positively changing lives

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Based on research

Not all substances are the same. And each requires a different approach. Our cannabis program is personally tailored to each member.

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For the member

Give your employees an opportunity to get better, faster, with a program tailored to individual habits and behaviors.

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Without the stigma

Make employer-supported, confidential treatment readily available and reduce stigma in the process. Happy days.

Only 1.8% of those who need specialized CUD treatment receive it.

How our cannabis care plan works

Dedicated care team

Access to qualified counselors and coaches to help members every step of the way, guiding them on their journey.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Teaches strategies to identify and change thought and behavior patterns that continue the cycle of problematic cannabis use.

Motivational interviewing

Helps to develop or strengthen members’ commitment to changing cannabis consumption habits.

Personalized tracking

Tools to help members track their personal triggers, consumption, and health progress.

White Papers

Pelago 2023 Annual State of Substance Use Management Trend Report

2023 Pelago Substance Use Management Trend Report

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