3 things to do to stay smoke-free

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When you reach your quit date, your focus shifts from preparing for your quit date to staying smoke-free.

You don’t want to go back to smoking – you want this change to be permanent and the best way to do this is to monitor your progress with Quit Genius’ check-in feature.

1. Check-ins are your friend

When your quit date arrives, the button at the bottom morphs from your smoking diary to a check-in where you can update your smoking status. If you’re still smoke-free, you’ll be able to track how long you haven’t smoked for with your own timer – every minute that passes in another minute towards a healthier, happier you.

2. Celebrate your successes and give yourself a pat on the back

We all live busy lives, so sometimes it’s easy to forget to celebrate a big milestone or achievement. However, celebrating your successes helps increase your motivation to stay smoke-free. After checking in, you’ll get achievements for each milestone you hit – days, weeks, months and years smoke-free! This will help you give your successes the credit they deserve, so they’re more likely to happen again and again!

3. Don’t beat yourself up

If you’ve slipped up and accidentally had one cigarette – don’t worry at all! Note it down in your check-in and you will be given useful advice on how to view these slip ups in a positive way. This will allow you to learn from you slip and think about what you could do differently next time. This will make you far better prepared and less likely to slip again!

So check in today and let Quit Genius help you stay smoke-free, forever! Comment below if you have checked in and let the Quit Genius Family know how long you’ve been smoke-free for! If your quit date hasn’t arrived yet, comment below what date you’ve set it for!

I look forward to hearing what you think about this new feature!

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