From Awareness to Improvement: Making a Difference during Alcohol Awareness Month

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Established in 1987 by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Alcohol Awareness Month is observed every April. This initiative provides an opportunity to educate the public, reduce stigma, and encourage proactive behaviors in addressing alcohol-related issues. It also marks an important time for employers, healthcare providers, communities, and individuals to engage in open discussions about the impact of alcohol use, substance misuse, and the effective treatment of alcohol use disorders (AUDs).

Support and Resources

During Alcohol Awareness Month, various organizations and health services provide invaluable resources and support aimed at educating people about the dangers associated with alcohol misuse and the steps one can take to prevent alcohol dependency.

For instance, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration highlights the month as a time to promote awareness of drinking patterns, reduce the stigma surrounding alcohol misuse, better understand associated harms, and offer educational materials and support resources.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) also provides a wealth of resources that cover a broad range of topics related to alcohol use and misuse. These resources are designed to help individuals understand the impact of their drinking habits and to find support for reducing or stopping alcohol consumption.

For organizations and their populations, Pelago offers a multitude of resources for tobacco, alcohol, opioid, or cannabis use disorders. Such resources include coaching, counseling, educational and motivational content, and medication-assisted treatment if needed.

Pelago’s Role

At Pelago, we’re committed to creating a world where everyone has access to substance use support by breaking down barriers to substance use care that works. This vision and mission aligns closely with the goals of Alcohol Awareness Month, and it includes reducing the costs associated with AUD and other use disorders while improving health outcomes.

By integrating discussions about alcohol use and misuse into our clinically validated, digitally-delivered substance use management programs, we can provide specialized support and resources to help members manage their use to a healthy state. This can include cutting back or eliminating their alcohol consumption altogether while making informed decisions about their health.

Additionally, our personalized, SUD programs deliver support virtually and confidentially through our nationwide network of physicians, nurse practitioners and counselors. The programs also offer in-app educational and motivational support through cognitive behavioral therapy content customized to each member’s journey.

Reflect and Recommit

Alcohol Awareness Month serves as a reminder of the significant impact that alcohol can have on employers, healthcare providers, communities, and individuals. It’s a time to reflect on our drinking habits, recommit to our healthcare goals, and take advantage of the support systems available to help us live our best lives. By participating in this observance, Pelago plays a vital role in promoting health and wellness, reducing the stigma tied to AUD, decreasing costs associated with AUD, and supporting our members in making informed decisions about alcohol use specifically and substance use overall.

For more information about Pelago’s suite of substance use management solutions, contact a member of our team. To see if your company offers Pelago, check here.

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