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How one Fortune 500 company decreased alcohol use across its organization while improving mental health


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of members reduced alcohol use frequency within 60 days


reduced risk factors for problem drinking


increased protective factors from problem drinking

Challenge overview

Recently featured as one of the top 10 Health Care Equipment & Services Companies by Forbes magazine, this Fortune 500 company was looking to decrease the amount of alcohol consumption across its organization to improve the lives of employees and decrease related healthcare costs.


The organization partnered with digital clinic, Pelago, to launch a new, virtually delivered alcohol program to support members in more effectively navigating substance use and treating alcohol use disorder. The organization has seen reduced frequency of alcohol use across the board as well as improved mental health factors.

Pelago alcohol program tools: app, medication, and breathalyzer

Alcohol use – suffering in silence

Organizations spend between $33 billion and $68 billion annually because of member alcohol misuse. This includes absenteeism, health complications, on-the-job injuries and other losses in productivity. Offering help is key. Early intervention reduces healthcare costs and saves lives.

Pelago delivers virtual Medication-Assisted Treatment for alcohol addiction, helping individuals access evidence-based care to treat the whole person.

Pelago provides:

  • Physician-led care
  • Licensed drug & alcohol counselors
  • Medication fulfillment
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Social support
  • Remote monitoring devices

Pelago program implementation

Pelago was rolled out to employees of this organization via email, direct mail, Yammer posts and company newsletters. The Fortune 500 company has seen powerful results.

Key results include:

  • 70% of program members reduced the frequency of alcohol use within 60 days
  • 75% reduced risk factors for problem drinking
  • 62% increased protective factors from problem drinking (such as social support, work involvement, etc.)
Graph showcasing risk factors and heavy drinking days

76% reduction in heavy drinking within 60 days and 50% reduction in risk factors for problem drinking

A silent struggle with drinking – one member’s life changed

Peter, a 49-year-old engineer, struggled with controlling his alcohol use. He had health problems related to his drinking but didn’t show any signs of an alcohol use disorder. Despite a strong desire to control his drinking, he couldn’t limit the quantities of alcohol he consumed and developed high blood pressure and weight gain.


Peter’s wife expressed concerns about his drinking affecting his health and family life. He realized his guilt after drinking and reduced productivity at work the day after heavy drinking.

My focus was drinking after work. She deserves more.

Peter came from a family of highly accomplished professionals, several of whom were heavy drinkers. Over time, on reflection, he came to believe, like them, he was a functional alcoholic, and he wanted to create a different path for himself.

Innovative holistic strategies to support alcohol use disorder management

Peter was offered the Pelago program through his employer’s health benefits program. Using the combination of prescribed medication and behavioral skills training, he was able to achieve his primary goal of abstaining from alcohol most of the time. He also had the flexibility to drink in moderation with guidance from his Pelago physician. The medication was effective, and the counseling provided him with the tools to resist falling back into his old patterns.

Peter, Pelago Member

“Pelago has truly exceeded my expectations, putting me back in control of my life. Their combination of counseling and medication is really effective. It has given me the tools to resist falling back into my long set patterns. Now my cravings are nearly gone, but I keep Naltrexone on hand in case I choose to drink socially or if the cravings come back. It’s truly empowering.”

A new and empowering approach

Peter’s life has changed in notable ways after completing his treatment at Pelago. He went from drinking 78 drinks per week to abstaining from alcohol use. As a result, his blood pressure improved and his primary care physician was able to lower his dosage of medication for this condition. He successfully lost weight, and he started spending more time with his family again.

He also reported a greater sense of mental clarity and overall well-being. “Pelago has exceeded my expectations, truly putting me back in control of my life.” Peter’s improvement over the first 60 days of Pelago Treatment, according to the Brief Addiction Monitor survey, collected at treatment entry and at 4 and 8 weeks:

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