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Confirmation Letter

What is a Confirmation Letter?

A Confirmation Letter is a letter sent to an employee or potential employee to confirm that the person has been offered a job and that the offer is still open. The letter may also include details about the start date, salary, and other benefits.

What do you include in a Confirmation Letter?

A Confirmation Letter is a formal letter sent to an employee to confirm that they have been hired and that their start date is confirmed. The letter usually includes the employee’s start date, salary, and position.

How do you write a Confirmation Letter?

A confirmation letter is a letter written to confirm information or an action that has already been discussed verbally. This type of letter is often used in the business world to confirm orders, requests for information, or to follow up on a meeting or phone conversation. When writing a confirmation letter, it is important to be clear and concise, and to include all of the pertinent information. It is also important to be sure that all of the information in the letter is accurate.

To write a confirmation letter, begin by stating the purpose of the letter. Next, list the specific details that are being confirmed. Be sure to include the names of the people involved, the date of the event, and any other relevant information. Finally, be sure to thank the recipient for their time and cooperation. Here is an example of a confirmation letter:

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for agreeing to meet with me today to discuss the new project. I wanted to confirm the details of our meeting, and I also wanted to let you know that I have sent the proposal to your assistant. Thank you again for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


John Doe

When do you send a Confirmation Letter?

A Confirmation Letter is typically sent after a job offer has been made and accepted, to confirm the terms of the offer and the start date.


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