HR Glossary

Job Specification

What is a Job Specification?

A job specification is a document that outlines the specific duties and requirements of a particular job. It can be used to help identify candidates who are a good fit for the job, and to help guide the recruitment process. Job specifications typically include information such as the job title, the duties and responsibilities of the job, the required qualifications, and any special conditions or requirements.

How do you build a Job Specification?

When building a job specification, it is important to first understand the role that the position will play in the company. This includes understanding the company’s goals and what functions the new employee will need to perform in order to help achieve these goals. Once the role has been defined, the next step is to list the specific skills and experience that are required for the position. This can be done by reviewing the job duties and then finding candidates who have the required skills and experience. The job specification can also include information on the company’s culture and what type of personality the company is looking for in a new employee. By including all of this information, the job specification will help to ensure that the right candidate is hired for the position.

What should be included in a Job Specification?

It should also list the skills and qualifications that are required for the position. The job specification should be tailored to the specific position and should be based on the needs of the organization. It should be clear and concise, and it should be easy to read and understand. The job specification should also be updated as needed to reflect changes in the job or the organization.


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