Breaking Down Barriers to Adolescent Substance Use Care

Millions of U.S. teens struggle with substance misuse that leaves them and their families searching for personalized, accessible, effective treatment. However, care options are severely limited for adolescents. Is there a way to fix this growing gap?

As teen substance use continues to escalate, more employers, health plans, and families are clamoring for quality adolescent behavioral health support. This webinar gathers experts to examine how leading organizations are breaking down barriers to substance use care for adolescents. Learn how workplace benefits can best support affected employees and their family members, including:

  • How substance use in adolescents impacts the family as a whole
  • The impact on dependent healthcare costs
  • How forward-thinking organizations are supporting families by adding substance use management for younger populations to their behavioral health strategy


Suzette Glasner, Ph.D.Chief Scientific Officer


Elisha Engelen, MA, LMFTAON VP, Health Transformation


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