Women and Alcohol Use Disorder

The frequency of alcohol use disorder among women in the workforce has increased 84%

Despite changes in workforce composition as a result of the pandemic, women have made great strides in the workplace. As of December 2019, women held 50.4% of positions.

But with the stresses of work, coupled with those related to COVID-19, there’s been a 41% rise in heavy drinking days among women, helping to create an undesirable distinction for women: the fastest- growing population of alcohol users in the U.S.

In this webinar Pelago CEO and Co-Founder, Yusuf Sherwani, and VP of Clinical Affairs, Suzette Glasner, Ph.D, explore:

  • The Risk of Alcohol Misuse for Women
  • Societies’ Contribution
  • Impacts and Cost of Alcohol in the Workplace
  • Solutions to Support Your Female Employees


Yusuf Sherwani
Yusuf SherwaniCEO and Co-Founder


Suzette Glasner
Suzette Glasner, Ph.DVP, Clinical Affairs


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