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Background Verification

What is Background Verification?

Background verification is the process of verifying the accuracy of the information provided by an employee or applicant on their resume or job application. This process typically includes verifying the individual’s education, employment history, and references. It can also include a criminal background check and/or a credit check.

How do you build a Background Verification process?

There are a few key steps that should be taken into account when building a Background Verification process:

  1. Define the criteria for screening candidates. This may include verifying previous employment, education, criminal history, and credit history.
  2. Establish a process for requesting and reviewing background checks.
  3. Implement procedures for verifying the accuracy of information provided by candidates.
  4. Train hiring managers and other staff on how to review background checks.
  5. Retain copies of background checks for future reference.

What sort of companies use Background Verification?

Organizations that conduct criminal background checks on their employees generally fall into one of two categories: those that are required to do so by law and those that voluntarily choose to do so.

Organizations that are required to conduct criminal background checks on their employees as a matter of law generally include public schools, daycare centers, and healthcare facilities. In addition, many private companies choose to conduct criminal background checks on their employees as a way to ensure the safety of their workers and customers. By doing so, these companies can reduce their risk of theft, fraud, and other criminal activity.

Do Background Verification services cost money?

Background verification services can cost money, but it depends on the service that is used. For example, some services offer a free trial so that potential customers can test the service before they commit to a subscription. Other services may charge a one-time fee for each report that is generated. Additionally, some services may charge a monthly subscription fee. Typically, the more comprehensive the background check, the higher the cost.


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