HR Glossary


What is a Competency?

A competency is a measurable attribute that defines the level of mastery an individual has over a specific skill or ability. Competencies can be used to assess and develop the skills of employees, as well as to identify the critical skills required for success in a particular role or organization. Competencies can be grouped into categories such as skills, knowledge, abilities, and attitudes.

What is the difference between a Competency and a Skill?

There is a significant difference between competencies and skills. A competency is a cluster of related skills that are essential for successful job performance. In contrast, a skill is a specific ability that is required for task completion. For example, a competency for a human resources professional might be the ability to effectively manage employee relations. This competency would require skills such as effective communication, conflict resolution, and data analysis.

How do you build Competencies?

Competencies are important for any organization, as they are what help to define and measure success. They are also important for employees, as they are what help to define and measure success in their careers. In order to build competencies, an organization needs to first understand what they are. This can be done through a Competency Assessment, which will help to identify the key areas in which the organization needs to be competent. Once the areas have been identified, the organization can then begin to build competencies in those areas. This can be done through training and development, performance management, and succession planning. By building competencies in these key areas, the organization will be able to improve their performance and achieve their goals.

Why do you need Competencies?

There are many reasons why an organization might need to assess its employees’ competencies. Perhaps the organization is undergoing a restructuring and needs to identify which employees have the skills necessary to fill new positions. Or maybe the organization has realized that its employees’ skills are not aligned with its strategic goals and needs to make some changes. Competencies can also help an organization identify which employees might be a good fit for a promotion or a new job.

Assessing employees’ competencies can be a valuable tool for managers, because it allows them to see which employees are capable of performing well in their current roles and which employees might be a good fit for a new challenge. Additionally, assessing competencies can help managers develop training programs that will help employees improve their skills.


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